Friday, September 9, 2011

A fridge that uses no electricity!

Crunchy- the answer to your fridge problems!

Recently, The Crunchy Chicken was lamenting about her GE Profile Refrigerator falling apart. Well, cheer up Crunchy… I got your back. Well actually, two frugal chicks and I got your back! Here is a video on making your own Flower Pot Cooler

Video Via Two Frugal Chicks and Lifehacker

Actually this is a great Idea for emergency situations. Because if there is a natural disaster, you want cold beer!

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Chile said...

I haven't used that technique for chilling drinks but I did use it to keep a basil plant alive when I was going to be gone several days during the peak of the hot dry summer a few years ago. It kept the plant cooler and moister.