Monday, September 5, 2011

Ideas for recycling/reusing plastic shopping bags!

Ahh The Plastic Shopping Bag... so convienient, so handy, So environmentally wrong. Unless you live in the Bay area, were local cities have banned them, or some other area where voters and politicians se the damage they do to the environment, what so you do with those little marvels of plastic engingeering?
While I believe in using Reusable bags for shopping, I have to be realistic. These bags get slipped into my life no matter how hard I try to use my shopping bag. And boy do they build up over time…
While most grocery stores collect old bags for recycling, some do not. So here are a few ideas for you to ReUse and ReCycle your own plastic bags…

ReUse your plastic Bags... Try taking them back to the store and re-using them! I even took one to Trader Joe's once and had a good laugh watching the clerk try to figure out how to use it!

Dog Parks- While I advocate the use of biodegradable poop bags, I also know that the dog parks (at least the ones in my area) are always in need of bags for the dirty job. The local one here has stations set up were you can just put the bags in for others to use. Great recycle use for produce and bread bags!

Librarys- check with your library if they need bags for the patrons to use.
Schools- many schools use these bags for Art projects. Check with your school.
Food Banks- Local food banks need bags for their patrons as well.

Local Thrift stores- if you have a thrift store, in particular a charity thrift store, ask them if they want your old shopping bags. They can re-use them for their customers.

Make a Rug out them
- I am told you can strip the bags into 1” strips and start braiding them together to make ropes of material to make braided rugs. These would be good for by the door or in a mud room.

Make "plarn" out of them to make crocheted bags, maybe a rain coat!
Another "Plarn" Tutorial try using plarn to make your braided rugs, macrame, etc

Make a laptop case out of them

Fuse them together to make new reusable shopping bags, clothes whatever!:

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