Thursday, September 15, 2011

I bought a night guard and saved money!

Well after spending the amount of a used Subaru, I Finally got my tooth implant. And now they (My dentists) are all hot and bothered for me to get a Night guard (even though I do not grind my teeth).
My family has a little experience with night guards. My mom got one years ago. And left it in a motel room in Billings, Montana, when she and dad went on a trip to the Dakotas.
So she got an over the counter Night guard.
My dentist, bless his heart, is sure trying to hard sell these night guards. He was talking to another patient when I came in to get my crown on the implant. He was telling this poor guy he needed a night guard. $400 dollars a pop. Got me to thinking…
$400 for something my meticulous mother lost, What chance do I have?. So I went to the drug store and bought an over the counter (actually the come in a pair) for $30. Went home, boiled it, formed it in my mouth. Done. Now I have a night guard at a fraction of the price! Sorry Doc, but dollars are dollars. And they don’t grow on trees! (apparently they grow in my mouth!) Now I am not a dentist, nor have I ever played one on T.V., but ask your dentist the difference when and if he tells you you need a night guard!

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