Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Challenge Update

Independence Days Challenge Year 4, Week 25
This week: you will notice I added Try something new to the eat the food category and changed Waste not with Repair, Re-use, Recycle
Plant something- Some radishes, Malabar spinach; Started an Oyster mushroom kit, Planted two tomatoes- 1 Julia Child and 1 spoon,
Harvest something: Some peas, radishes, beets, kohl rabi, some broccoli leaves, Swiss chard ,beet and beet greens; Broccoli Yes after years of pain, I finally have grown a head of broccoli!
Preserve something: Dehydrated some sweet potatoes, (mainly as a dog treat, but use in soups also; Pickled some radishes w/ onion; pickled some strawberries! (Always wanted to try this); Made and froze some sugared strawberries.
Community: Contacted one of the local food banks about putting some Veggies in their flower beds for a fall crop. Awaiting a response.
Preparation: Bought a rail at Ikea and some little pot like containers that hang from it for making a window herb garden at kitchen window! Got serious in cutting down the blackberry canes around my shed
Eat the Food/try something new: Radishes; Roasted Beets, beet greens, steamed chard; peas, pickled strawberries,
Repair, Re-Use, Recycle- Repaired my "bush hog" put a new primer bulb on it, and repaired the blade guard (What's a bush hog?- Think of a gas powered Weed Eater with a saw blade instead of nylon line- my number one tool in cutting down blackberry canes)
Want not: Got some canning jars;

I grew a head of Broccoli!!! (Applause) If you have followed this blog for a time, you will know the battles I have had with demon broccoli; My years if toil in the soil are over... here is the proof:
Okay, not a giant head of broccoli but a head of broccoli none the less.

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