Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly Challenge Update- Shroom's week

Independence Days Challenge Year 4, Week 24
Plant something- Started a second crop of mushrooms
Harvest something: MUSHROOMS, radishes, some kale
Preserve something: Dehydrated remaining mushrooms to used later; Dehydrated some sweet potatoes; kale chips
Community: Made up flyers to two garden events at the community garden; attended a “block party” in Olde Burien; previewed the new art gallery in Olde Burien. Donated what was left of Sammy's food to the food bank (yes, one of our food banks takes Pet Food for their clients who have pets)
Preparation: Got another rain barrel; was thinking for the porch but it is too big So I will put in the front yard.
Repair, Re-Use, Recycle- normal recycling, reusing some big pieces of cardboard for weedblock in front yard project; saving bag of kitty litter for winter (I keep it in car in case I need traction)
Want not: Nothing

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