Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Mushroom Harvest Time...

Call me a Garden Science Geek! I heart my mushroom kit. I really helps since Back to The Roots have kinda adopted Ron Popiel's "Set it and forget" philosophy... meaning that it is so easy to grow your own mushrooms, a child could do it! I have harvested my first crop of mushrooms, dehydrated about half, and now my mushroom kit is endeavoring on it's 2nd Crop. I think this has been the best Gardening "Invention" since the composter! When My 2nd crop is grown and harvested, I am thinking I will compost the mushroom soil into my potted plants!
Here is some more info on Back to the Roots and their mushroom kits and how they handle waste! Note- I have moved the mushroom kit to the bathroom to see if the humidity from the shower increases the yield!

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