Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recycling Christmas Lights

I was perusing the internet and found one of my own groups has a thing about recycling christmas lights! (I really need to make the meetings more often!) This is great for those old light strings
From the Sustainable Burien website:

"You can easily recycle burned out Christmas lights. Flemings Holiday Lighting is running a program to collect strings of Christmas lights and have the copper salvaged. Last year they collected over 8,000 pounds of lights and donated over $5,000 to the Moyer Foundation and Project Kids Art. Check their web site [page down to the section on Recycling Christmas Lights] for locations to drop off lights.

For 2010 we have the ambitious goal to collect 20,000+ pounds of lighting strands. With additional site locations, extended collection periods, and increased media coverage we are anticipating an even more successful endeavor for the 2010 event. Pass the word to family and friends to save those unusable or unwanted lights and donate to our “Recycle Lights for Charity” drive."
Checking out the Fleming's Holiday Lighting page, they are a local business here in the Seattle/Puget Sound area that actually does holiday lighting displays, and they have come up with a unique recycling opportunity for charity.

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