Friday, January 30, 2009

Guess who got Tutored???!!!

Run Romi RUN!!! DON'T let the vet catch you!

Poor little Romeo- Life is tuff- Hump one leg and BAM You get Nuetered.

Yup Romeo went under the knife today and got nuetered. Suffice it to say, he now HATES the vet and doesn't think much about me! Maybe I shoulda got him some fake ones.

Anyway, Dr. Hetrick, Romeo's Vet, a very nice and very patient vet- Did the honors today. Now Romeo can get a license to be a dog!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not saying "he got fixed." That is one irrational euphemism!

Robj98168 said...

He didn't get fixed there was nothing wrong with him!

Jennifer said...

Good for him! My Kirby puppy was a little confused when he got home... he had been ONE HORNY puppy! He's stupid, though, and still thinks the vet is the world's best place EVER, even after a few surgeries and some painful things!