Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's back - a New Growing Challenge!

Just when I was starting to "de-stress" along comes Melinda and the new and improved Growing Challenge. A new twist to the challenge start the veggies and fruit from seed and save the seeds from harvest for the next season.

I am determined to grow a decent head of Broccoli, if it's the last thing I ever grow. Broccoli stresses me, It is one of those things I just cannot seem to grow. Even if I have perfect conditions for it. It is like "Crunchy's Lemon Tree, she is stressing out over the tree. And let me tell you- it aint healthy.

I tried growing demon-broccoli from seed last summer and when the starts fried, I tried a winter crop- I wasn't counting on this place turning into the artic tundra! And slugs! Who knew that slugs consider vegetable seedlings a delicay? I tire myself out over those damn broccoli seedlings. That and those evil slugs have just about done me in. All this for a vegetable I wouldn't have sneezed at let alone eat as a kid.

So here is to a new growing season and to renewed hope and desire. And a good shaker of salt, for my little sluggo friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for all your great information. I read an article you did awhile back and it inspired me to go buy metal water containers for the family...can't remember the specific article but I appreciate checking in and reading your blog. My grandfather used to do a tremendous amount of gardening in the area and before he passed away he was trying to teach me all his secrets but I didn't write them down. Now I only have all his organic gardening books to reference.


Stephany said...

Starting my own plants from seed has been a constant pain for me. I admit this failure as a gardener openly. I try, I really do but I can't afford a lot of fancy lights and equipment and my house is woefully short on sunny windows. I can usually keep seedlings alive in the spring until the trees fill in and the seedlings lose light and die. It is very frustrating, not as frustrating as Crunchy's situation though.

Jenifer@SeattleSoupLine said...

That is a major challenge, seed to seed. Especially with broccoli which I have never raised successfully. Although I have to admit it did go to seed very well. I'm still assessing the damage to our yard from this winter weather havoc!