Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Challenge update

I had the mother of all colds this week, made it a little difficult to get anything done, let alone work out in the garden, I am better now, but still have a bad cough

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Week 31
Plant Something: Nope
Harvest Something: The last of my carrots that wintered over, Swiss chard
Preserve something: Nothing
Store something: Some rice that I put into jars and vacuumed sealed
Manage Reserves: Repaired the hose on the water barrel again! Got down the Christmas lights (it’s not even Easter yet!) Put them away, got some storage bins to make earthtainers!
Cook Something New: Southern Style Polenta, commonly known as Grits; Put some Guinea hens in the rotisserie (I Never cooked Guinea hens in the rotisserie before)
Prep Something: Made some starter pots out of toilet paper tubes
Reduce Waste- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair: Cleaned out the bead were the carrots and chard where planted, composted the carrot tops. Used some toilet paper tubes for starter pots. Took some used storage bins from Mom’s to make earthtainers, Souped up a rolling tea cart for mom to put her “garden” on so she can wheel it into the sunlight
Learn a New Skill: How to prepare Grits
Work on Community Food Security: Nothing, sorry to say- Wait a minute got the seeds sent out that folks won in my Giveaways this week (Except for Vioboy whom as not sent his address yet)

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Did pretty well for this week- Only Groceries and a few pieces of hardware that was needed. Did buy two Storage Bins to make earthtainers out of

Crunchy’s Freeze Yer Balls off Challenge: Everything is at 65 when at home, 55 when in bed or gone

Sergeant Chile’s Operation Clean Out-Not so much here- did get the Christmas lights off the house and put away, Cleaned out the pantry (again) before the new dog comes home

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