Saturday, January 31, 2009

Damn this economy- damn it

I just found out my little day of spring in the middle of winter is about to become a victim of the economy- The Northwest Flower and Garden Show- the second largest in the country, is about to go away. This is the last year of the 21 year old show. According to the press release, they couldn't find a suitable buyer. This will also end the San Francisco Flower show. Just think of how this works- no show means 5 dates in the Convention Center that will go unrented, and all the little restaurants and businesses lose that revenue (The show usually attracts between 60,000 and 80,000 attendees, all who want lunch, the same time I do!). The convention center is full of little cafes and restaurants. And this is probably one of the biggest shows at the convention center. Not to mention the vendors and such that make up a great part of the show. According to the local media, They have had a hard time in finding a buyer- maybe they need to post an ad in Craigslist:

FOR SALE- Seattle area Garden show, and satellite show in SF- One week of prissy landscapers, garden architects, vendors and a few great junk artists. Lots of people- Price $1,000,000. US funds only (unless you have euros which are worth more than US Dollars)

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