Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumnal Cake plate

Well back to it after a week off. Here is an easy Craft Hack anyone can do:
Okay, you may call me Martha for my use of the word Autumnal, but this was a super easy cake plate to make! The plate is one I bought at Dollar tree last year for Thanksgiving dessert...

The base is a shade from an old pendant lamp I have been keeping for awhile, that I glued with some Loctite glass glue, but you could use a candle holder or a wine or dessert glass- I have even seen someone use a series of shot glasses like using table legs-  I like the look a lot.And it gives me the excuse to say "Autumnal"

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Kathe said...

Love the autumnal cake plate! I have the same "fine china" from Dollar Tree! Hey, they probably were made in China ;-)