Thursday, October 18, 2012

REBLOG- Penn and Teller BULLSHIT!

From October 28, 2009- I uploaded a you tube video from Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT Series on bottled water and hoe the major bottling companies are fleecing us...Caution- The word Bullshit as well as the F-bomb appear throughout this video, so if you are offended by those, you have been warned!

Think bottled water is bottled at the sources like Alaska or Yosemite? Well Penn & Teller take their show "Bullshit" to the level of the Bottled water- showing how bottled water is just a Madison Avenue gimmick.
I understand that there is a need for bottled water, people traveling through the desert- maybe. Of course If I am going through a desert on a horse with no name I choose to take a water jug, but that's just me and how I roll.
Bottled Water?- pretty much it's all BULLSHIT!

Fake Plastic Fish has a great interview with Jackson Browne and some great links to you tube on Bottled water

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