Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Sew Dog Tote

This was so easy- I have seen these so many times on other blogs and such, but found it was super easy to make a "Dog Tote" for myself and Romeo and Buddy! I just cut one of their dry dog food bags
and folded over the edge about 2 inches, and instead of sewing it, I used my handy dandy Hot Gllue gun and duct tape. The front and back pocket on the bag is simply a piece cut out of the left over part I cut earlier and just duct taped onto the bag- remember to fold over the top duct tape piece first so the bag has an opening. THe handles ar made from strips cut from the left over piece of bag, and hot glued and duct taped in.
Now a tote for the boys for when we take a trip to the dog park!

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Kathe said...

Omg! Max wants one of his own now! Adorable Rob! Thanks for sharing this at the party this week :-)