Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome Home Buddy!

Friday night-The first night night with buddy in the house went ok.  At first Romeo had the same look that Sammy cat did when I brought Romeo home... kind of a "What did you do" look. After a little bit of jealousy, everything was fine after I convinced Romeo that he was still my #1 dog.

Saturday- took the boys out. First to Town Square park and Burien Press to meet folks, then to Kevin and Sean's "A Place for Pets"  pet store, to buy a tandem leash for them.
 Buddy takes a time out for a snooze at Westcrest Dog Park. He got along with all the dogs!
Time to go boys! Buddy and Romeo seemed to adapt to the tandem leash right away!
Buddy seemed to adapt to his new home very quickly and right now is sleeping at my feet. It was a big day for him. And I think he will be a greatt addition to the household.


Kathe said...

Your family is so complete now! Buddy and Romeo look like quite the pair :-)

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