Monday, August 20, 2012

Searching for Life, Liberty and a few bike racks

Picture it... Burien, 2012. A hot summer day, and you find a young man (Hey it's my story and I can too be young) You find a young man just minding his own business and he comes upon a medievel setting. The 2nd annual Pie Joust world championships.
Does our hero , known only by the moniker "Captain Piehole", win? Lose? or draw.
Battle face on. Loins girded. Arrrrrrg.... lets rock!

We find our hero getting through round one, onto round two! And then it happens... Last year Captain Piehole lost his pie, and this year he got splatted right in the the ... well... er... Piehole.

Oh well there is always next year. At least my friend Brooks, won the whole thing... and never fear...Captian Piehole shall return, and join this joyous cause for life, liberty and the pursuit of bike racks!

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