Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Re-Using Mesh Produce Bags

You ever buy things like limes or avocados or even fingerling potatoes and they come in those annoying little plastic mesh bags? Well I do, and trying to find new uses for them is mind boggling.  On thing I found them useful for is to put small things in the (Commuter cup lids, jar lids even canning jar lids and rings. Then I hang it from the top rack and everything comes out clean and I dont have to search gor it in the bottom of the dishwasher.  You can also:

  • Sew them up scrunchy style - they make great scrubbers for non-stick cookware
  • Re-use one as a beach bag.
  • Use them to Keep things straight and organized in your car on trips (like kids toys)
  • Use them to put plastic produce bags in to re-use them at the store or for doggie poop bags
  • Re-use them as ... produce bags! Light enough to go the job. When they get dirty stick them in the dishwasher
So does anyone out there have any re-uses for mesh bags?

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Kathe said...

Did I miss it? When did you change your header Rob? I love it!
We don't get a lot in mesh bags here in CO, not sure why. But if, for some reason that changes, I am definitely going to use them in the dishwater for all those little things! thanks for sharing at the party! I'll be featuring this post on my Facebook page too!