Monday, August 13, 2012

2nd Hand Hound

I took off Friday to go to Second Hand Hound, in Ruston, (North Tacoma), A unique idea in Pet Supplies... A second hand store for dogs! Very green idea this... They sell all sorts of pre-owned dog gear- toy's, coats, crates leashes, collars; even life jackets for Fido!
Buddy Bucko
The reason I went all the way to Ruston was they are also very involved in the pet rescue community, and I wanted to meet a potential new dog, Buddy, a cocker mix, like Romeo.
Romeo and Buddy
So Romeo and I got in the car and traveled south, were we met the cutest little guy named Buddy Bucko. Romeo seemed to like him just fine and vice-versa. I took him and Romeo for a little walk. They performed on the leashes perfectly. So now I am filling out adoption papers for Buddy, who knows maybe soon Romeo   will have a new "little Brother"!

More to come....

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Kathe said...

Oh my goodness! I am in love with Bucky! Good luck! I hope it all comes together for you and Romeo :-)