Monday, July 9, 2012

Eating out with Romeo

We have a restaurant here in Burien, that is pretty good about remembering people have pets (dogs) The Mark is a cool little spot with front and back patios, where your canine family members can have a bite as well. Romeo and I had lunch there the other day... they even have a special menu for the canine crowd. The food is Stews from the Natural Pet Pantry up the street, and is made fresh for the pooches (yes this is the same dog food I was once tempted to eat) Mark Owner Debra George, a dog owner herself (She has a very nice LabraDoodle) always thinks of folks dogs. Her restaurant also hosts a Santa Photo Party for dogs and cats each year! Romeo now proclaims Mark Restaurant as his favorite.
Nom, nom nom- this is good!

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condo blues said...

Oh Romeo you are such a lucky dog!