Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can you "DIGGIT"?

My new Diggit tool and Diggit Hori knife

I am such a tool geek. At last weeks farmers' market in Burien, there was a vendor selling Digg It's- a garden tool that easily uproots taproot weeds like dandelions. And a Hori Hori knife that she claimed was an improvement over other Hori's. Anyway I was interested and let continue her spiel... The Hori knife is stainless hardened stainless steel, and the (strong selling point if you are me)blade wont rust if you leave it outdoors. In fact the way to store the tool, by her suggestion is to leave it in the ground! Wow a tool designed for me! The diggit tool and I are familiar acquaintances,  And it is really a great tool. But the HORI will dig, cut roots, and act as an ad hoc weapon in a pinch. And the great things about these tools they are made right in Seattle, Washington. USA
Check out the DIGGIT website!-

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