Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soggy Doggy

Well You know who got clipped. And this time, I did it.
I met the owners of this neat little store, the Soggy Doggy, at the Strawberry Festival, so decided to give it a shot after they told me they would walk me through the grooming. So what did I learn? Grooming your dog yourself isn't the hardest thing in the world, just takes a little patience, and Romeo isn't as bad as I had been lead to believe by one of his former groomers.
Rachel, who works at the Des Moines store is really great, taking the time to answer all questions and teach everyone how to do it right. And the cost? More than 50% Cheaper then his last groomer. You gotta love that! The end result? Romeo got a great haircut, I saved $$$, and learned a new "skill."- hat trick! If I wento out and bought the clippers, blades and shears I used at Soggy Doggy it would cost over $175. This way I get use of professional equipment, and I get to know how Romeo is treated. A fear of mine becasue, on time I walked into the groomers when Max, my yorkie, was there and he was being abused by the groomer.
Romeo showing off his new do!

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Kathe said...

Who's the handsome puppy? Romeo is that's who....all done in my "when I talk to dogs" voice :-)