Friday, July 13, 2012

Independence Days Challenge Update for week of 7/13

My poor pathetic peach tree... but wait... whats this? Looks like a peach! Yay... Success!

Plant: Zucchinni, tomatoes, oyster mushrooms
Harvest: radishes, peas, squash blossoms
Preserve: Bought 4 pounds of really ripe bananas for $2 and froze them for banana bread and banana sorbet
Prepare: Learned a new skill- grooming my dog myself;
Local Foods: Berries, beets at Farmers' Market; local beef and fish
Community: Delivered 3 -1/2 gallon cartons of milk that I can't/won't use to the food bank, rather than waste it.
Making Do (Repair, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle): Made a couple of shopping bags out of t-shirts; Repaired an Umbrella I found in the trash.

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