Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Picture from Bird Feeder Plans .Org

There are some really cool DIY Bird feeders out there in the inter webs. Here is one I found and made my own. The Clear instructions are here

My Version:
I took an ordinary soda bottle and drilled two small holes in the cap. Run a small wire or some jute string through these holes and tie off Then I cut two larger holes (about 1” in diameter) straight across from each other, near the bottom. Then I made two small holes directly beneath them (no more than an eighth of an inch). On the smaller holes on the bottle, shove a stick through them (I used a chopstick because I always have old chopsticks hanging around, in the plans they use wooden spoons) to give the birds something to perch on.. Fill the bottle with bird seed and let hang wherever.
You can use a scissor to cut the holes on the bottle… or a trick to do is purchase a cheap soldering iron and melt the holes. CAUTION: if you use a soldering iron, make sure you have good ventilation.


Kathe said...

I like the concept Rob. My only concern is the squirrels. Do you think they can sit on the chopstick and eat all the food?

Robj98168 said...

I am hoping the fall off- the other version, using wooden spoons would be more squirrel-friendly, I would think