Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pea Shoots

I love pea shoots! I sometimes grow some in the winter inside just to use them in stir fry! Easy to grow inside- just plant some peas in a shallow planter, place in a sunny window and poof! You can start taking them when they are about 2" tall! And this is fun for the kids; a quick and easy to teach them about growing things!
In the garden, as your peas start growing and you start thinning, don't dispose of the thinnings! You can use the thinnings in the kitchen!
Pea shoots are the tiny, tender leaves and vines of young pea plants. Any type of pea will suffice, but sugar pod peas are the easiest types to grow for shoots and tendrils, since they tend to shoot up faster and stay light and crisp. Pea shoots and tendrils are tender enough to serve with no or minimal cooking. They are often tossed into salads or on top of soups. You can always add a few curls as an edible garnish. Pea shoots and tendrils are also a tangy addition to stir-fired dishes or simply steamed or sautéed as a side dish.
Wondering how to cook pea shoots? Here's an easy, quick and tasty pea shoots and tendrils recipe from Kim Knox Beckius, a blogger at About.com

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Kathe said...

Well I just learned something new again from you :) I have some snow peas growing in the garden. I will have to try some of the shoots!