Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is a repost of an old post from 2010 that seems appropriate for the warmer weather. So drink up and enjoy!

Some "sun Tea made in my frigidaire

I found this sun tea recipe on . A few things to add: you don't need sun to make sun tea- you can just put it in the frigidaire or just leave on the counter- the methods are the same, and when you use a large pickle jar or something simular, try saving the lid as you can use that rather than use a zip lock bag or plastic wrap to cover the top. I like that he mixes two teas- red rose which is a black pekoe tea, and constant comment a rather spicy sweeter tea.
* Sun
* 4 Red Rose tea bags or "black" tea
* 2 Constant Comment tea bags
* Ziploc bag or plastic wrap, big enough to cover opening
* Rubber band
* Something to stir the tea
* Approx. 3L pitcher
* Glass jug, (mine is an old olive jar)
* Approx. 10 tbsp of sugar or equivalent sweetner (I sweeten mine with about 5 tbsp. of agave nectar)

First, get 4 tea bags of Red Rose, and 2 of Constant Comment, and cut the strings off. Second, fill up the jar/jug with water and put the tea bags in, . Put a lid on the jar/jug and put it outside in sun. Or just stick it in your fridge or counter. When done take the tea bags out and add the sweetner and stir well. Serve with glasses filled with Ice.


Kathe said...

Oh Mr. B loves Red Rose tea! He grew up with it in Canada. It's our favorite hot tea in the winter. It is so hard to find here in CO that we don't use it for iced tea in the summer months. We are miserly with it :) I did to find a consistent source here.

Kathe said...

Make that "I NEED to find a consistent source here"