Monday, May 14, 2012

One Small Change: No Plastic poop bags? Awww shi......

Normally I don't forget a biodegradable poop bag when I take Romeo out for his walk. But when I do, it takes some panicking and general WTF thinking as to what to use to scoop the poop! Recently,  I took dog out for a walk and stopped and had a coffee and a pastry. They put the cookie in a small paper bag, like the one pictured, Which I then subconsciously put the bag in my pocket. Good thing, because later, Romeo had to take a dump. And I opened the container I keep his poop bags in and it was empty. I did not panic. I simply remembered the cookie bag in my pocket and it worked wonderfully. Takes a bit of figuring out to make a mess free scoop, but it is do-able! I have since then figured out how to use lunch size paper bags  for the same purpose. Maybe I will go and buy some of the "cookie/pastry bags" at Costco or Cash 'N Carry and forget about the biodegradable plastic bags, since the paper will definitely decompose!

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