Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ways to Recycle Plastic Pizza Savers

Pizza Savers- Those little plastic things to protect the pizza from getting squashed by the box lid. In the olden days many pizzerias solved this by making their own- out of left over pizza dough, then baking it to put it the middle of the box. But modern times apparently seemed to call for something new made of plastic instead of something sustainable, that was easily eaten (if not argued over by your brother and sisters as to who would get this special treat!).  The best way to end the confusion about what to do with the leftover Pizza Protector is to 1- buy pizaza from a pizzeria that doesn't use them or 2- find a way to reuse them. I usually try 1, but every so often forget to mention not to add the protector to my pizza, so I looked up on the internet and found this blog topic by Sew Many Ways blog. She has some great ideas on reusing these little pieces of plastic pizza protectors... from using them to keep your bobbin's and thread organized (if your sew) to using them for drying items you painted to using them to keep your kindle/or smart phone in place

Photo by Sew Many Ways blog

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Kathe said...

I have never thought to use them for drying craft projects! Perfect size and shape! Thanks for the 411 Rob ♥