Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Challenge Update- Oktoberfest edition

This last weekend was Oktoberfest in Burien- complete with carnival rides, food vendors, street fair, ubiquitous beer garden and live music. Had great weather yesterday, a few showers today.

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Year 3, week 35
1. Plant something: nothing
2. Harvest something: Last of the peppers, cucumbers
3. Preserve something: Dehydrating the last of the peppers
4. Waste Not: Found a metal box- can use as a tool box for my glue guns; replaced the lid on my work coffee mug with a lid from another mug.
5: Want not: bought some drill bits.
6. Preparation and Storage: nothing
7. Build Community Food Systems: Not exactly a food system, but took mom’s recycling and put in my bin (her apartment doesn’t offer recycling)
8. Eat the food (cook something new): Made some fried bread. Never made before. It is Great. No more waiting for a year for oktoberfest for elephant ears. LOL.

Growing Challenge "Extreme Evangelist Edition"- Starting to clean out my pots and such. Starting to prep the community garden spot for a small fall garden

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