Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot Time in the Ole' Green House Tonight!

I was out in the greenhouse picking some of the fruit off an jalapeno pepper. Don't know yet if I will dry them, pickle them or make pepper flakes. Adding the greenhouse was great for self pollinators like peppers, not so much for my mini cantaloupe, as it needs a pollinator, and I apparently was not it's type.


H2 said...

Keep us updated on what you do with those great-looking peppers, Rob.

I usually end up taking the easy road and letting mine dry for pepper flakes...not a bad route if you like your food spicy like we do.

Condo Blues said...

How do you make pepper flakes? I have some CSA peppers I need to use but I'm not a fiery foods kind of gal. Husband usually adds hot sauce or pepper flakes to his portion of the meal.

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

You can alwasy try smoking them. If you don't have a smoker, this is a great time to pick one up for almost nothing.