Monday, September 27, 2010

One Small Change

One Small Change- My new small change concerns my cell phone. Or rather how I charge it. My change is going to be: start charging my cell phone using my car charger, taking advantage of the free 12 Volt electricity made by my vehicles batteries rather than using more electricity. I plug it in when I go to work by the time I get there it is fully charged! , or simply charge it in one of the work vehicles if I decide to take a bus that day. How sweet is that? I mean I gotta go to work anyway, so why not let some of my commute be of some advantage? I would love to have one of those solar chargers but not in the budget at this time. Anyway a small change but still a change!


Shelby said...

That electricity isn't free... A high efficiency AC charger probably costs less than the (very slight) hit in gas mileage for this technique. Really, this is a energy optimization that's lost in the noise

Robj98168 said...

Shelby -Yes but I am able to use it without running the engine.