Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Money saving Ideas Compliments of Crunchy

Haven't done a piggy back post in awhile....

Today Ms. Crunchy had an interesting topic- How do you save money ? She linked to this great post from the simple dollar. And for the most part I agree with them both. But I have a few of my own to add in the fray

REPAIR- If I had said it once, I will say it again- Don't throw out if you can fix it save the money and do it. I just had to fix my reefer- turns out all that was wrong was a corroded thermostat. Simply clean off the thermostat! I found this out asking questions of the HVAC guy at work - our HVAC guys also do refrigeration!

  • Conserve- saving water, electricity, gas is a money saver, too

  • Quit Smoking- Works for me. I saved enough the first four months to buy my bike.

  • Pay off your credit- self explanatory

  • Christmas time is coming start making your gifts!
Surprising to me is that Crunchy, queen of challenges, doesn't mention that all of the ideas or rather a good portion of them are answered in her challenges. Buying nothing, DIY, Self sufficiency, growing your own, etc. are all just ways to save money. Really. And they help you be nicer to Mama Earth.

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