Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tree Saver In my Garage- Who Knew?

I was moping around one day, thinking about the amount of paper towel used in this house, not by me, but someone else who happens to live here. "Don't you know I am an "eco-blogger?" I would argue over the amount of Paper towel being used. Martin uses them to wipe the steam off the mirror.
Let me back up a bit here. I keep a roll of paper towel in the bathroom for a very good reason- the gunk I get on my hands at work needs to come of. And if I don't want to leave hand prints on my regular towels, I use the paper to wipe my hands.

Oof da... now that I said that I need to rethink my own paper towel usage.

Anyway, I was in my garage, and it hit me!-Literally- I was taking some crap off a shelf to give to Goodwill and a squeegee used for drying a car fell and hit me on the head.

"Hmmmm.... (thinks I), I could hang this next to the mirror in the bathroom then the ISO can simply wipe the mirror with the squeegee!

Guess what? It worked. Not only is Martin happily squeegeing (sp) along, but it doubles a squeegee in the shower- Less cleaning! After a shower just run the squeegee along the wall and it keeps the shower cleaner!

Now I am off to the thrift store to find some hand towels!

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H2 said...

Nice going on the squeegee. I live with a paper towel lover too and surreptitiously pull used ones out of the recycle bin to re-use on junky clean-ups.

I got the book--STAY. Thanks again!