Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Honeysuckle Berries

Surprise! A new berry!!!
I was out in the garden before work and saw these berries growing on my honeysuckle vine. Well I immediately went in and looked up "Honeysuckle Berry" on google and determined they were OK to eat. Kind of like a Kinick Kinick berry but sweeter. Found out while researching them that you can open the honey suckle flower and drink the nectar for a sweet taste treat. Why does nobody mention these things... They are important!!! Note - the berries on my plant are edible- buy most aren't. So add a new one to my "Forage list". Also one of my Columnar Apple trees has apples on it!!!


DK said...
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DK said...

Is your honeysuckle a vine or a bush? I think the only honeysuckle we have here where I am is of the Japanese vine variety and I'm 99% sure those kind are not edible. At least everyone I ask about them seems to inform me such, although they did smell lovely in the early summer. I don't even know what a regular, native honeysuckle looks like. I'm definitely going to be looking it on online soon, though, because of this post. Thanks!

(also, deleted first comment because I accidentally erased part of what I said when my bird walked across the keyboard. Oops.)