Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Award? For little old me???

Simply Green hath bestowed upon Rob's World this lovely blog award.And now I am suppose to tell y'all 7 fun or fascinating facts about myself.

1- I don't like snakes. They don't have legs and move pretty fast. Don't trust them. I suppose in a comic strip life I was B.C.'s Fat Broad... speak loudly and carry a big club to flatten snakes with. But, I do leave them alone. As long as they are out there eating vermin, I can exist in harmony with them.
2- I don't know why, but all of a sudden in my life I get the strangest bouts of stage fright. Never had it before, in fact I was always kind of a ham. But now when asked to speak in public I turn into a shrinking violet.
3- I get envious of those who can weld. I would love to be able to weld metal. Good thing I don't my junky yard would be covered even more than it is.
4- I have been the person for 11 dogs in my life, and 3 cats- The problem being that since usually my animals are older rescues, I don't have them very long, and it can be kind of heart breaking. But I wouldn't trade a minute of love recieved.
5- I am proud to be a Left Wing Liberal Commie Pinko Fag as Archie Bunker used to call my Type.
6- I learned to cook at 4 years old, starting with boiling water. Only 1 oven fire in 46 years! Not that I am a gourmand or anything like that- I just like good food.
7- I have a large collection of kitchen and cooking gadgets and I use all of them. I figure that most help me save energy, all make my life easier, But seriously I need a room just for them! And my collection includes hardware like drill motors and saws! LOL!

Now as for picking 7 other blogs to present this award to--- I cannot do it-1- I think that any blogger out there should be able to give this award to themselves, and 2- Simply Green pretty much gave it out to my would be choices any way ( or most of them) So I would like to see some people take this and name 7 fascinating things about themselves.

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Laura Kaeding said...

4 years old? Geez, I started learning to cook 4 years ago! Haha, and I wasn't 4 years old, I was like 18-19. Lol I'm not a cooker, that's for sure!