Friday, August 6, 2010

Bring a Lunch- Part II

Yesterday we found lunch boxes and bags. Today, a few hints on saving money on them. First- reuse that lunch box from last year, or buy one at a garage sale or thrift shop. If your kid has outgrown the theme of last years box, take it out to the garage and give it a paint job. Then let junior put stickers or decorate it. Now to fill that box

FIRST- alternatives to zip lock and plastic bags.

Yesterday I mentioned Lunch Bots- these neat little tins that can hold a sandwich, some snacks, or what have you. You can also use old jars, but you have to figure out if your little lunchster is capable of not breaking them. Planet Box sells their "Big and Little dipper, stainless steel cannisters that would hold sandwiches and snacks on their website (you can order these without paying $35 for a lunch box). THe small dipper has a plastic lid and the big dipper has a stainless steel lid.For a plastic free alternative, check out the Happy Tiffin's "LunchBowls". also features Lunch Bots as well as a variety of plastic sandwich boxes for the lunch box. While Fake Plastic Fish is probably having convulsions over the suggestion that you buy a plastic sandwich holder, it has to be your choice. I wouldn't but I ain't raising your kid. My own personal feeling on it is as long as it isn't getting thrown away, use it.

Now how about Cooling that lunchbox?

Well first let me say that Ice Packs suck. And what the hell is "Blue Ice"?? IF it gets a hole in it then that blue shit leaks all over. A little trick of mine for filling ice chests is freezing water in a plastic water bottle or pop bottle- that way you are reusing the bottle for something good! And if it leaks it isn't toxic- it's water!

It simple- fill the bottle 2/3'rds full, cap it and stick in the freezer.

Anyway I hope your little Einsteins have a great year... and tell them I said summers almost over- MUWHAHAHA!!!
What ideas do you have on B.Y.O.L (Bring Your Own Lunch)


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

The zipper on my old softside lunchpack finally broke (after 5 years constant use) but I was lucky and found another at the thrift shop. If it hadn't turned up so quickly, I'd be ordering from the Lunchbot site. I love the old-style metal totes. Thanks for the link! I'll save it, just in case :)

Chile said...

I do the frozen water bottle trick, too. Just don't make the mistake of doing it with a metal water bottle. No matter how little water you put in it, it will warp. Mine barely stays standing now, thanks to the big bubble on the bottom. :(