Monday, August 16, 2010

Three small changes

The "one small change" challenge has been over for some time now, but I am not ready to stop yet.
In addition to the squeegee in the bathroom change I have a couple of other changes in there as well.
After posting about the squeegee and realizing I was guilty of hypocrisy with my own love of Paper Towel for cleaning my hands, I went out
and bought some cotton terry cloth hand towels to do the same job. And one more bathroom change:
I now keep an old Rubbermaid container in there to fill with hot water when shaving- the advantages to this = less water used to shave, and the gray water is used to water plants. Plus not so much whiskers mess in the sink


Laura Kaeding said...

Small changes can change the world. I like your handtowels, took me forever to get my fiancee using wash cloths to clean up messes instead of paper towel. :)

mudnessa said...

I have recently started collecting warm up water from my bathroom sink with an old tupperware container. I have been collecting my shower warm up for quite a while and just recently realized I could do the same with the sink.