Friday, March 5, 2010


Some of the other volunteers with the new sign going in

The New Futures Community Garden is going strong. Last week, folks went to finish the fencing and add some soil to the garden plots and plant some of the berry bushes around the fencing. John, who is the focal from the Sustainable
Burien side of things, has been organizing right along with Aimee from New Futures@ the heights.
The Heights is an apartment complex that has been in Burien for years. My grandparents lived there in the early 50's when they first moved here from North Dakota. Then it was known as Burien Gardens, and at that time was a very upscale apartment complex, complete with a Grocery store, a Drug store, barber and beauty shop. Over the years though, it has become a low income housing complex. And today hosts many families that have immigrated to here from Latin America.
New Futures is an organization that helps these families out with a unique blend of educational programs, ESL classes, family support resources and community-building assistance, New Futures makes a positive impact on the more than 4,000 residents at the four apartment complexes in which they operate. The Heights is one of these complexes.

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