Friday, March 12, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Edible Schoolyard by Alice Waters

When I heard Alice Waters had written a book about her edible schoolyard project in Berkley, CA, I was thrilled. Finally a tell all book on how to make a garden program. When I first saw the book in library, where it was held for me... I did a personal groan. The book is no bigger than a Cat in the Hat book. I don't want to read a child's book. Boy did I get it wrong!
I wouldn't exactly call this a childs book. Just a simply written adventure story about starting a garden in a busy full, underfunded middle school. Ms. Waters writes about the history of their garden, problems starting it, and the beautiful people who helped get it off the ground. Very uplifting for such a small book! Great pictures, towards the back even the visit by Prince Charles and Camilla, My favorite quote from this book is:

"Right there, in the middle of every school day. lies time and energy already devoted to the feeding of children. We have the power to turn that daily school lunch from an afterthought into a joyous education, a way of caring for our health. our enviorment and our community."

This definitely is a capital book if you or someone you know has ever wanted to go into a school and start a garden program. I give it four big green thumbs up!

PS- I did a post on Alice Waters and the Edible School yard, with a video clip, before this book review after on of my readers, Frustrated Farmer Rick of Caerwyn Farm And Spirits Blog directed me to her activities!

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