Saturday, March 20, 2010


There is a new late night war (not Conan vs. Jay). The hosts of our late night fare seemed to be doing things for Mama Earth.
Fake Plastic Fish has an interview that Dave Letterman did with Captian Charles Moore on her blog. Dave at least asked the serious and hard questions with the Captain. The reason I mention this, is I know this will be the only exposure many in America will ever get to the problem of plastic waste. It is really worth taking a look at.
Jay Leno has been an eco warrier for awhile now. Jay Leno? The man who has more gas guzzlers than god? Well, the argument can be made that Jay doesn't drive the hefty cars that much. And he reuses a lot of parts, as any car guy and I can attest to that when owning a classic car you are dependant on reused parts. Jay, a friend of Ed Begley, Jr also goofs on Ed's show quite a bit. Whether showing his 1909 Baker Electric, or putting up a bigger wind turbine than Ed, he is a proponent of alternative powered vehicles. I know he has a Vectrix Electric motorcycle. And he was charmed by the A2B Electric Bicycle,which also is charming me.
Hollywood Hype? Maybe. But I like to think that these guys are looking to the future. Dave has a son now and probably feels it is important to hand a better cleaner earth over to Harry. Jay, whose wife Mavis is an enviormentalist and activist, must realize the oil is a finite resource and we need alternatives if we want to keep on driving. Whatever the reasons, I am all for it!
Some vids from Jay Leno's Garage

And for the classic car guys:

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