Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Rob Home Made tool

Ever wonder how to water those seed starts? Do you use a hose and sprayer (my water wand has a mist setting so it is doable, but still gets water everywhere.
Well, I used the logic of my fore fathers (er rather fore grandmother). She used to make a "spritzer" bottle out of a mason or a mayonnaise jar and lid with holes punched in it, for when she ironed clothes. Well, this is 2010, I took Grandma's invention and one upped it! I took two plastic bottles I found in the trash at work, 1 wide mouth Gatorade bottle and 1 regular water bottle. (Yes the food service still gives out bottles of water- they haven't seen that light yet, but they have started to compost their leftover veggies bread and wrappers- so I'll let them off the hook this month)

Anyway, I digress, I simply drilled some small holes in the caps of the bottle. Now I just take my bottle set up directly to the seed starts-no mess no fuss.

Plants are happy (haven't seen any yet but I am sure they are pleased with a good drink of water), Rob is happy, The only person around here who isn't happy is Romeo; he likes hose water!

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