Friday, March 6, 2009

My New Favorite Thing- Lunch-Bots

That Fake Plastic Fish woman introduced me and the rest of the world to a great find! LunchBots- a stainless steel alternative to plastic in your lunch bag. I ordered them and I love them- The lunchbot uno is the perfect size to pack a sandwich or burrito in. The Lynchbots Duo is great for taking some salad and/or chips or a little dessert in. And after going through Crunchy's Food waste reduction challenge and taking more leftovers in my lunch these are great. Stainless steel tins and powdered coated tops make these the best thing for taking lunch in. I highly reccomend them. And I know Beth does too- she is giving away her Lunchbots Duo . So i would head over there and sign up if I were you. Also, she has a coupon code for free shipping! (Code is FREESHIP09 -No secrets here!)And as you can see in the pics above I was able to get two sloppy Jose's in my lunchbot uno!

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Beany said...

I got one too! And it's a lot lighter than lugging around a glass container. Plus the fact that they don't break is appealing.