Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birdbaths, Planting and Retirement parties

I planted my tomato seeds today- I don't have a fancy computerized grow box like my friend the garden geek aka Cheap Vegetable Gardener- just a shelf on one of my southern exposure windows. If all goes well I will have 16 tomato plants. And yes my starter pots are toilet paper tubes. Also I went to a retirement party for my cousins Dwight and Monte- Dwight has 31 years at the Boeing company, Monte I think has 33 years. And it was my cousin Margo's birthday, so I gave her this birdbath:
This one is made from lamp parts and a ceiling light fixture shade. And a butterfly decoration.
Nothing says loving like some junk from the garage!

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The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

Wish I had a southern facing window. WOuld really makes things less complicated :) Though have to admit having a great time with the grow box. Hoping to grow peppers in there is summer.