Monday, March 30, 2009

Free tomato seeds from Campbells and CVG's giveaway

Grow your own tomato soup!
Tired of entering blog giveaways only to not win?
Well- Here is your chance to come out a winner!
As reported by Cheap Vegetable gardener and Red- Icculus, Campbell's soup is indeed giving away free tomato seeds. To Consumers and to the FFA- just go to Help Grow Your -A great opportunity to join Melinda's Seed to Seed Growing Challenge with free seeds!
And a few hints from the Campbell tomato seeds giveaway page:"An empty Campbell's soup can is just the right size for growing seedlings. Keep the iconic label on for a decorative touch!" What a cool re-use idea!
Another tip:"Don't touch your tomato plants until you've washed your hands. Viruses can easily spread from your hands to your plants." I know this is especially true if you are a smoker. Tobacco plant viruses are extremely toxic to tomato and pepper plants and are easily spread from the hands of cigarette smokers.
Even if you elect not to get free tomato seeds, go to the page to click and help them meet their goal of giving away 22.5 million tomato seeds to community groups and the Future Farmers of America.
Speaking of Cheap Vegetable Gardener and free things- tomorrow is the deadline for his first ever giveaway- a one year subscription to so hurry up get over the garden geek's page and sign up!


Red Icculus said...

Thanks for the shout out. I smoke at times and have never had problems with mosaic virus in tomato, tobacco, or solanaceous plants. Either way, it is better to be better safe than sorry.

Robj98168 said...

I think it depends on what your smoking Red. I think brand name ciggys are more apt not to have Mosaic viruse, where as the ciggy's I smoke are mor pat to have it.

Verde said...

Robb, thanks for the great tip. I'll head on over to those places.

I bought boards for the base of the potatoe growing place you posted about a few days ago. I'd sure like it if you posted more about how that is going together - so I can copy :-)