Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Meat Wednesday!

Today had some mac and cheese at Mom's and salad, for lunch at work I brought some kumqauts and Homemade soup that pretty much contained most of the fridge! It was vegetable stock with some onions, some dehydrated zucchini, some carrots and the rest of the three bean salad I had last week! It was very good, too It also had some morningstar crumbles in it left over from another meatless meal. Grandma Nygard would be proud! She was my dad's mom who would make soup out of anything out of the frigidaire, moldy or not! Tonight I am gonna make bean burritos when I get home!

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Red Icculus said...

We don't eat a lot of meat around the house. Our new favorite ingredients is lentils because they cook up quicker than any other legume and make excellent sauces or soups.

Thanks for the meatless ideas!