Monday, April 28, 2008

Thoughts On Chicky and Chile's Challenges

I'm sitting here refelcting on the past month- mostly on Chicky Lady's Don't buy Nuthin' challenge- 3 days left to go. If I learned anything at all it is to stop, think "do I need this now (or ever), ask myself "can I get along without it?" Surprisignly the answer would mostly be no or not now. I can also see this helping out with Chile Womman's Cut the crap challenge too buy asking myself the same questions plus, "where the hell will I put this?"

These ladies have come along to help me green up my life, and for that I am grateful! I however will not do chicky's Diva Cup challenge since I am a guy and I don't have a menses cycle. Not that I am complaining! Since I am a guy, perhaps I could get a DEVO Cup! Anyway During this challenge time I gave up cigarettes, with the help of Chantix, Of course now i eat my weight in sunflower seeds. Which I promplty spit out the shells. On the sidewalks. They are biodgradeable. I call that revenge of the smoker! Especially at my employers as they are the ones outlawing cig's on their property!!!

Any hoooow, while I will never admit to feeling better about quitting smoking, I do feel better about saving the money.

I do love my money. And my non-taxable by the State of Washington Sunflower seeds!



Chile said...

Congrats on quitting smoking. Remember to roll down your car window when driving and chewin' sunflower seeds. If it wasn't cute when Billy Crystal did it with grape seeds, it won't be for you with sunflower shells.

Robj98168 said...

Thanks Chile- and also I will try to remeber not spit into the wind!