Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Earth day Card, challenges update

I invite everyone to sign the earthday card. I signed. This is a card for our earth. With the re-awakening to environmental issues, Earth Day in the 21st century continues its relevance, although its participants can hardly be described as grassroots any longer. Next week Earth Day will again be celebrated on April 22. The folks at Terrapass worked together with friends at, an online greeting card company, to put together a card of environmental pledges, led off by one of their best spokespeople, Ed Begley, Jr.
So make the pledge to sign the card. And make a pledge for earth day!

CHICKEN WOMMAN NO BUY NUTHIN' CHALLENGE: I can happily report that I have bought nothing. Nada. Zip so far this week.

CHILE WOMMAN'S CUT THE CRAP CHALLENGE: I can happily report that I have almost completed the moving the remaining lumber from the remodel project into a nice orderly pile on the front yard. Considering thhis was all over the front yard, quite an improvement! And I have a 32" X 16" piece of drywall to put up in the office/guest room and I can finish painting! Whoo Hoo!

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