Friday, April 11, 2008

How to Make a Commuter Mug

Beth at Fake Plastic Fish was wondering how a person would go about getting a comuter mug with no plastic whatsoever- I may have a solution- short of the rubber seal on the canning lid-the discussion in the comments post got me out into my "laboratory" and this is what I came up with! Of course some folks say I was just hanging out in the Lavatory at work when I came up with this but you get the idea!

You need an ordinary Mason Jar or Mason Jar Mug with ring and inner lid.

You can get Mason Jar mugs here or here or at thrift shops pretty reasonably

Get the instructions Here


Anonymous said...

This is great. Of course, it was news to me that mason jars came in mug-form with handles in the first place. I didn't know.

The only problem would be carrying it on the bus. I'm afraid it might spill if I could close off the holes. Any idea about that?

Robj98168 said...

Corks are the answer- you couls put corks in the holes.

Robj98168 said...

OR Use a small stick, like a dove bar stick, drill a small hole in the middle, drill another small hole in the middle of lid, place a small Bolt and washer, preferably stainless steel and Voila- a movable stopper!

Chile said...

I've seen the jars with handles at quite a few thrift stores. Never thought about picking one up for a commuter mug. I always passed them by as inconvenient for canning.

Great idea. (BTW, #2 image link is broken.)

Cave-Woman said...

Very Cool!

I acquired a ball mason jar from a community swap table recently.

A friend noticed my "moonshine mug" and is giving me the lid and ring soon.

I'll have an opportunity to try this out before too long.