Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Whether you dog is a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, it needs exercise. And so does the dog's owner. Walking your dog can be great exercise and a good bonding experience between you and your pet. Here are some tips to help get the most out of your dog walking experience-

Just like any exercise program dog walking has a few things you need to have fun and get started
A Leash- I recommend you don't go cheap here, I use and love a FOZZY DOG ROPE LEASH(In fact a Fozzy Double leash, which I got for a discount at*, It has a convenient pocket and a nice feel on the hand grip and is sturdy built. But you don't have to spend that kind of money on your leash- A good sturdy leash can be found at pet stores and even in the grocery store * is a great place to finds all kind of things for pets and people too sometimes at ridiculously low prices

COLLAR VS. HARNESS: Both my boys wear collars. They both have harnesses. I chose to use the collar simply because they are well familiar with wearing it and being leashed (They know not to pull so much they choke themselves) Some dogs are naturals, some aren't. And I am apt to put the harnesses on when I know we will be walking in crowds, for control. Some say that the harness is easier on the dog, especially if he/she is the type to run onto the end of the leash when seeing people or their dog type friends. Either way, make sure to get one that has no studs or grommets going through the leather/fabric that leave raw metal on the inside of the leash/collar- this could irritate the dogs skin, and in some cases cut or scratch it.

POOP BAGS: A necessity when walking your dog. You don't want to be that guy who leaves your dog's poop on the sidewalk or open space. It's called common courtesy. And besides dog poop has bacteria that can get in to water supplies. Just pick it up. It's good citizenship, good manners and good for the environment!

WATER BOTTLE- Your dog may like a drink, especially on hot days. I just carry a regular Stainless water bottle and a collapsible bowl, although I was given a neat water bottle made just for dogs this Christmas.

UMBRELLA- A small, collapsible umbrella is good if you live in an area that rains when you try to walk your dog.

FLASHLIGHT- A small flashlight is a must if you walk your dogs at night. And working nights I do. I have one that has a red LED flasher so I can be seen by cars.

COATS AND RAIN GEAR: there are a number of raincoats for dogs out there. As for jackets and sweaters- My two guys wear jackets when it gets cold out and since the both have short haircuts they don't like to get cold.

SUIT UP:What YOU need for the walk
Comfortable walking shoes- Let's face it... you are not going to want to walk your dog if your feet ache and hurt.

Rainproof Jacket: self explanitory

A cap or visor- No sunburns!!!

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Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I want to get a dog water bottle for Lacey. I have one with a dog dish attached but the stopper comes out a little too easily when I carry it.