Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ma's Spice Rack

Well my mother's birthday has rolled around again. 81 and she doesn't have a proper spice rack (and really needs one) So her enterprising young son did some Ikea Hacking with an Ikea Ribba Frame, some peg board and some peg board shelves from Lowes. First I cut the peg board to size, gave it a couple of applications of yellow spray paint and mounted it in the frame with glass removed. Then I hung the the wire shelves on it. And it was done - so simple, so easy and might I say good looking too. Just like Mrs. Johnson's son!!


Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

You could use this rack for so many things. I pinned it.

Kathe said...

Hmmmm...Mr. B just put up a bigger piece of peg board in the garage and gave me the smaller piece that was there. I'm thinking this will be super cute done up for storage in my Ikea office/ craft room! I'm pinning it too! Thanks for sharing this at my party this week Rob! I'm featuring it on my Facebook page too :-) Happy birthday to mom too!!