Friday, February 22, 2013


Oh my wonderful garden show, what have they done to you? Yes it is true. My flower show went Hollywood. and I would like it back. Blame it on my distaste for things Californian  blame it on my week long battle with a tooth that wants/needs a root canal, or maybe the show and more likely this years theme just sucked. Gone this year are displays that challenged my imagination; gone also are displays that showed me what I might do in my own yard, garden. But definitely, the show organizers are going to have to bring back the cute gardens that one could find in a NW setting--- gardens with VW Buses acting as chicken coops and tool sheds, gardens that could make an apartment or condo dweller feel like Old MacDonald, one that truly showed what one can do with some old used valve bodies and a recirculating pump.
Anyway, my ranting aside, there where many good things at this years show:
 High hopes- at the entrance a bike made from re-bar hold planters of flowers
Nicest water feature at the show:
 A Hobbit Hole?- Yes please
 Planters got a make over, this one in a Movie themed garden
 AN out house with complimentary parking
 Now what kid wouldn't want a deluxe sand box?
 I do love this fire pit with glass flames
 And I have a thing for glass flowers
 depsite the shows theme- there where a few nice water features
 And I did fall in love with a few items in the Marketplace
(even if Blossom is mispelled)


Kathe said...

I want the Hobbit hole and I do believe I'll be stealing the popcorn planter idea!

Robj98168 said...

Kathe- THe popcorn planter would work well with Hydrangea's or cauliflower plants since the blooms of both emulate popcorn~